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Nice to meet you!

Nice to meet you!


Convening Diverse Collaborators to Catalyze Social Change



I use mixed methods research in rapid, iterative cycles to inform design processes. Trained in the Luma Institute framework to deploy their human-centered design resources. Selected examples:

  • Emerging Citizens: Implemented partnerships and collected feedback with local public school teachers to test a media literacy game suite.

  • @Stake: Ran a multi-site research study with the Participatory Budgeting Project for a role-playing game on public debates

  • The Public Engagement Roadmap: produced a report, boardgame, and online toolkit for implementing effective public engagement strategies.

Strategic Partnerships

Getting the right people engaged and committed is an art and science. My superpower is making connections among opportunities, people, and ideas with stakeholder mapping and strategy. Selected examples :


Project Management

Whether it's managing an anthology or  a design cohort, I make sure that things flow smoothly between teams, clients, and communities. I've facilitated workshops on this topic as well as game design, Design-thinking 101, and stakeholder engagement.  Clients include: the United Way, Greenpeace, the Participatory Budgeting Project, and the Office of Science and Technology Policy under the Obama Administration.  Selected examples:



Featured Project: The Make the Breast Pump Not Suck Hackathon and Paid Family Leave Policy Summit



I project managed this year-long effort that culminated in an equity-driven breastfeeding festival at the MIT Media Lab in April 2018. Twelve teams won experiential prizes, sixty interdisciplinary participants strategized the future of paid family leave policy, and nine artists were featured in the Artist Gallery, "Between the Magic and the Machine". Over thirty companies ranging from start-ups to industry leaders also participated in the Innovators Gallery and as roving mentors at this baby-friendly event. The event was grounded in a research effort as well and kicked off with the launch of, "Speaking Our Truths: 27 Stories of What It's Really Like to Breastfeed and Pump in the United States".

Selected press:
The Problems With Breastfeeding Go Way Beyond Breast Pumps (The Atlantic)
Engineers, doctors and moms team up to 'make the breast pump not suck' and hack other barriers to breastfeeding (ABC News)
A Gift, A Challenge, An Isolating Experience: Artists Explore The Complexities Of Breastfeeding (WBUR)


I'm currently exploring opportunities in civic technology or women's/reproductive healthcare projects.
Please get in touch if you have ideas!